Cool items to keep your pet warm


Fall is here, and the days and evenings can be quite chilly.  So here are a few ideas for keeping your pets warm and fashionable.  Cooler temperatures can make some dogs uncomfortable. Make them feel better—and looking great—by dressing them in Hoodies, Coats or Pajamas.
  • Hoodies are great for chilly morning walks.  They can be constructed in fleece, light weight knit, or velvet.  There a great garment because they allow your pet freedom of movement to run jump or play at the park.
  • Pajamas (or as I call them jamies) are great for cuddling up in the evening with your pet and watching a movie.  There especially appropriate for a pet that sleeps in a crate or a bed on the floor that might get chilly thru the night.  Also they are a necessity for smaller pets that colder fast during periods of inactivity.
  • Coats are for dogs of all size.  As the weather turns cold the made need that extra layer of protection from snow or wind.   Many coats are made of fleece or fur and are lined for extra warmth. Coats should be easy on and off and be functional for going out for a potty break, taking a walk or just playing ball on a cold or snowy day.
Whatever your dogs needs are plenty of options are available to your can keep the warm and safe and looking good at the same time.

    How to Teach Your Dog to Wear Clothes


    Whether its for fashion or practicality  teaching your dog to wear clothes should be introduced when they are young.  But if that time has passed for your pooch don't worry it can be done you can teach an old dog new tricks with some patience and rewards.  

    1. Start with a small soft piece of clothing such as a bandanna and if your dog is resistant only wear it for a few minutes the first day and gradually increase the time daily. While doing this praise the dog and offer treats. Dogs will associate the positive reinforcement with the item of clothing.
    2. After your pet gets use to the bandanna try something like a dress or coat that straps around the  neck avoid items that have to put over the head or the legs through openings.  Continue with the positive attention and remain calm through the process. 
    3. Then he or she can graduate to a shirt or hoodie.  Be gentle when placing over their head and praise, praise, praise them.  Offer them  there favorite toy and try to distract them while wearing the clothing. 
    4. Next if you wish, try a pair of pajamas or pants.  These items are most restrictive for pets and can feel very different for them.  
    5. Always make sure the garment fits appropriately you don't want to hinder any progress made by squeezing your pet into a small uncomfortable garment.  Most all garments have a size chart on the hang tag and if purchasing on a website there  should be a Sizing section that you can follow on how to measure and choose the appropriate size.
    Follow these simple steps and before you know if you'll have a furry fashionista !!

    Why People Dress Their Pets

    People dress up their pets for various reasons some to keep them warm, show personality or that special occasion. Some say it's stupid or ridiculous but for most the family pet is just that family and a big part of it. With the fashions available today I say why not?

    Warmth & Weather

    Small dogs get cold so a warm coat is very practical on those cold winter walks a long with booties, to protect their feet from snow and the ice melt that is used on the sidewalks that can irritate their paws, and rain coats for those walks on rainy days.


    Show their personality:

    Some dogs and owners like to show their personality with a team jersey or dress, scarf or for that favorite sports team.

    Special Occasions: Women love to have their beloved pets in their weddings so a satin dress to match the brides gown or bridesmaids or the bride is very popular these days. The holidays are a perfect time to show off that special occasion attire. Halloween is another great occasion to dress up the pet.

    Do people do it for attention or is it just because people love to dote over their pets? Pets have become part of us and are treated better than some children , for some a pet might be the only companion they have, so to them they are worth anything to keep them happy and safe. So if you like buying outfits for your favorite pet, I say go for it! If you have a story or a picture of your pet dressed up I would love to see picture and post your pet on this site.