How to Teach Your Dog to Wear Clothes


Whether its for fashion or practicality  teaching your dog to wear clothes should be introduced when they are young.  But if that time has passed for your pooch don't worry it can be done you can teach an old dog new tricks with some patience and rewards.  

  1. Start with a small soft piece of clothing such as a bandanna and if your dog is resistant only wear it for a few minutes the first day and gradually increase the time daily. While doing this praise the dog and offer treats. Dogs will associate the positive reinforcement with the item of clothing.
  2. After your pet gets use to the bandanna try something like a dress or coat that straps around the  neck avoid items that have to put over the head or the legs through openings.  Continue with the positive attention and remain calm through the process. 
  3. Then he or she can graduate to a shirt or hoodie.  Be gentle when placing over their head and praise, praise, praise them.  Offer them  there favorite toy and try to distract them while wearing the clothing. 
  4. Next if you wish, try a pair of pajamas or pants.  These items are most restrictive for pets and can feel very different for them.  
  5. Always make sure the garment fits appropriately you don't want to hinder any progress made by squeezing your pet into a small uncomfortable garment.  Most all garments have a size chart on the hang tag and if purchasing on a website there  should be a Sizing section that you can follow on how to measure and choose the appropriate size.
Follow these simple steps and before you know if you'll have a furry fashionista !!
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